When you need a keynote speaker who is a little ‘different’ to the usual…

Jimi Hunt is a Mental Health Change Maker.

Yip, he talks about stuff that most people don’t want to talk or hear about, but he does it with fantastic humor and incredible stories of crazy adventures.

Jimi speaks with love, with compassion, with raw openness and with strength.

Your people are the most important asset you have, you need to look after them, but more importantly they need to look after themselves.

Jimi knows how to change people.

Here’s a fact for you, PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a study which revealed that every dollar spent on the mental health of your employees returns $2.31 in revenue. What does that mean for your organisation? Mentally healthier individuals are more productive, have better ideas, take less sick days, work better in teams, stay in the job longer as well as many other benefits. It’s now proven that it’s more profitable to look after the mental health of your employees.

Do you look after your customers better than your staff?

If so, let Jimi help you to change that…

Watch Jimi in action...

"Jimi was an absolute hit, reaching a high 97.5% audience engagement score in our post day survey."

Scott Wilson - BNZ

Jimi is an outstanding speaker. From the get-go he captured the audience’s attention in a very humanistic way. While delivering a very powerful message that resonated and created a mind shift for the better. I would have paid double!

Monique Gibson - National Accounts & Events Manager at DB Breweries

"Jimi held 240 people gripped in his stories and you could feel them being moved emotionally and intellectually. We were all challenged individually and that can only strengthen us and our organisation. So positive, demanding and rewarding"

Rob Campbell - Chairman WEL Networks & Sky City

“Jimi is an exceptional motivational speaker who is engaging for all ages. Jimi is fantastic to work with, organised and shares a remarkable story. Jimi is a first class speaker – our staff and customers who have had the privilege to listen to Jimi have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback and thoroughly enjoyed his speaking engagements.”

Emily Gardner – Marketing Manager Fuji Xerox

Jimi was so good that he made people at our event cry in the bathrooms afterwards! What I'm saying is, he has the power to genuinely move people with his stories, anecdotes and perspective on not just mental health, but life.

Taryn – Founder of the Women's Collective

“He was bloody great. Jimi tells a wonderfully honest and frank tale that really hit home with the men and women of the Navy who were there. <br>He really made a difference to our Navy, I can’t ask for more than that.”

Jack Steer - Chief of the New Zealand Navy

“Jimi has a really powerful message to convey around mental health which he does unbelievably well.”

Sir Stephen Tindall – Founder Warehouse Group

“Jimi changed lives in there today...”

Andy Routley - Managing Director DB Breweries

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