That was the best looking powerpoint presentation I've ever seen...

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Jimi is a visual person. He paints stories with words, but he also had a previous life as a designer so all of his presentations, videos and accompanying materials always look amazing and audiences respond to that.

Keynote presentations are Jimi’s mainstay and he usually has one in particular that he works on to reflect up to date trends or Jimi’s own evolving position on mental health. This means that his current presentation has been honed to perfection and is his passion.

What this doesn’t mean is that this particular presentation is inflexible. All of Jimi’s presentations are malleable to the exact needs of your organisation or event. Like something of his you’ve seen before? No problem, Jimi will redeliver any keynote he has previously presented or  if you’re after something more unique to fit with your company vision or strategy he can create something exclusively for you.

Jimi claims to be the ‘most entertaining mental health speaker in New Zealand’ and while that may not be the biggest claim on the global stage, the point is that he takes a topic that people usually associate with an hour of their lives that they will never get back or that they simply want to avoid forever and turns it into an event that they tell their friends and family about!

Jimi’s humor and ability to weave valuable life lessons through crazy adventure anecdotes and stories that everyone in the audience can relate to creates an atmosphere that ranges from stunned silence through to standing ovations.

Your audience will go on a journey.



And just to get this out of the way up front, after having dealt with dozens of event organisers over the years; Jimi is the utmost professional. He is punctual, he is well prepared for whatever you have discussed in advance, he is adaptable to the ever-changeable world of events, he’s easy going and super low-maintenance… and he prides himself on those facts which, after talking to a lot of event organisers, is not always the norm!

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